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Heckler & Koch Close Assault Weapon System

Posted in Nirrti's Stuff with tags , on March 21, 2011 by Nirrti

Been working on a CAWS for a while now. I think it’s in a state that can be shown as a WIP.

Close Assault Weapon System WIP

It shares the same kind of retrofuturistic style as G11, which is part of the reason why I like it. There’s also more to it though. The weapon itself is unique, firing high pressure belted brass cartridges, with active range up to 150 meters with buckshot, and up to 500 meters with SCMITR. the SCMITR was developed to be used with the weapon, and they were somewhat similar to flechettes.


Dawn of War 2: Retribution pt.2

Posted in Nirrti's Stuff, Rants, Reviews on March 5, 2011 by Nirrti

So, they unlocked the game (again) yesterday, played through IG campaign with a friend, and noticed something rather disappointing. All of the campaigns use exactly the same missions, just with tiny alterations in the mission briefing, and enemy units/strength.

Starting from left, clockwise: Chaos, Tyranids, Orks, Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Eldar

Seems like Relic were quite lazy with the story, and instead of giving every race its own complete story, they just tied in all of the stories into the exactly same missions, and because of that, some of them feel abit out of place and overall odd. Still, the game is enjoyable in co-op, and if I had to say one good thing about the races have identical missions/levels, is that atleast I can try out different tactics with different races.

Overall the gameplay is pretty much the same from earlier Dawn of War 2 series, although with some minor changes. Biggest one of these changes is probably the addition of normal, non-hero units into the campaign, and including outposts and HQ buildings in some maps which can be captured and from which you can build normal units from.

Atleast that’s what they’d like to think, that it is the biggest change. It however was trivial to me, since the normal units are unnecessary, save for one or two spots in missions where you need to defend points which require bottlenecking the enemy and thus destroying them.

All in all, it’s an enjoyable game, atleast if you have friends to play it with, and if you don’t get bored of the missions the first three times you play them. I can’t really say if it was worth the 30€ I spent on it, but at least I have a way of keeping myself amused a bit longer.

Dawn of War 2: Retribution, what the fuck Relic.

Posted in Nirrti's Stuff, Rants on March 1, 2011 by Nirrti

So, they fucked up the release for DoW  2: Retribution. I played through Chaos campaign with a friend of mine. Restarted the game because it was acting up and loading stuff slowly. And what do I see when I open up steam library? The game’s been set back to “pre-load” state.

Well, At least Eliphas seems calm about this.

Apparently Relic/THQ fucked up the releasing for half of europe, so now they locked it for the half that they fucked it up for. That means that even though I’ve already played the game, I need to wait again for the release date to arrive to play it.