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Things Ross fucking hates: American over-representation

Posted in Rants, Rossmum's Stuff on May 24, 2011 by rossmum

Hi everybody!

I am sick to fucking death of just how much attention is given to the Americans in any given movie, game, book, or comic. Naturally this is nothing to do with my US counterparts – they’re great and they do great things – but it’s to do with the mindset a lot of people not just in the US but even in other countries have towards them. Apparently, the United States Military is the only competent military force on the planet and has single-handedly defeated every evil to surface in the last two hundred and forty years. I don’t think so, kiddies.

I don’t get it. Isn’t anyone else getting really sick and tired of playing as the same guys with the same gear in the same places in games? Of seeing the exact same people do everything in movies? Of hearing how great the US military is from your own shitbrick countrymen, who aren’t even aware of our own military history?

I’ve had enough of Iraq and Afghanistan in games, and definitely enough of the AMERICA GOOD RUSSIA/CHINA/ARABS BAD setup we see in movies and books as well as our games. Even WWII games could stand to pay a little more attention to the British, the Canadians, Australians, Poles, Soviets, Free French, and even the other side – hell I’d love to see a game do a decent job of that. Most people seem totally unaware Australia fought in Vietnam, and in no small numbers, either. The same goes for Korea, Malaya, Born- oh hang on, I’ve started listing wars that nobody really seems to give a shit about anymore. Why are there no big Korea games? Where are the games set in the Falklands? At least World in Conflict did some good by giving depth to the Soviets and not making the Americans out to be some infallible master-race.

Speaking of World in Conflict and Afghanistan…

Embattled Soviet troops manning a heavy machine gun post, following a hit-and-run Mujahideen attack

Click for full size. It’s my little contribution to stem the tide of American over-representation in Garry’s Mod pictures, I guess. Soviet wars are more interesting to me than seeing the same thing over and over, and unlike most people I don’t see the postwar USSR as some kind of evil moster since all their war plans were conditional on America attacking first. Big surprise, America – people don’t like it when you provoke them regularly for decades and then call them an evil empire!

With my rant done, I will say again – I think our American allies are doing good and I’m glad we have them. I just hate everybody else for blowing things out of proportion and being nationalistic cuntrags.


G11K2 Finished render & Steyr HS .50

Posted in 3d models/textures, LT_Commander's Stuff, Nirrti's Stuff on May 22, 2011 by Nirrti

And here’s the finished G11K2 in a pretty render.

Also a Steyr HS .50 I modeled. Also has baked AO maps.

Taken in HLMV


Posted in 3d models/textures, Nirrti's Stuff on May 14, 2011 by Nirrti

So I finally arsed and finished UVW unwrapping the G11K2 I modeled some time ago.

Here’s a picture of it in HLMV


Posted in 3d models/textures, Rants, Rossmum's Stuff on May 11, 2011 by rossmum

Uh oh.

For those who know me, you know the biggest obstacle between me and actually finishing things is my insatiable need for perfection. If something’s not right, even if only a handful of sperglords would notice, it’s getting redone or scrapped.

It should be no big surprise, then, that I have looked at my recently-‘finished’ King Tiger and decided it’s not done. I cut some serious corners to finish it sooner and considering its final polycount, adding more detail really can’t make it any less suitable for a game than it already is. On the revised to-do list:

  • Actually give it a full complement of equipment, which means adding a couple of hand tools, jack and block, a smaller-gauge steel tow cable, and a fire extinguisher. Possibly even spare track links.
  • Redo the cogs (again) to add more detail.
  • Proper tracks (maybe).
  • If I’m crazy enough, the rest of the fine details. More work on the air vent bell covers, relief around maintenance hatches, hinges and equipment hooks. Oh Christ I’ve gone insane.

Also on the modelling to-do list:

  • XM16E1, M16A1, maybe a few other Vietnam-era AR-15 actioned weapons
  • Enfield EM-2
  • CZ-75B
  • Pistolet Yarygin (PYa Grach)
  • Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf. G (late)
  • Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I

Yet to be finished or redone:

  • Mosin-Nagant M91/30 PU (possibly a PE as well, and the scopeless infantry rifle with straight bolt)
  • SVU-AS (barely started)
  • Ferranti Mk.II gyroscopic gunsight (this is actually almost done)
  • Heinkel He219 cockpit (only finished the blind flying instrument panel…)
  • Arado¬† Ar240C-2 (a half-finished fuselage in need of reworking).

Someone please fucking punch me in the balls if I try to add any more ideas to this list.

Bored rantings

Posted in Rants, Rossmum's Stuff on May 4, 2011 by rossmum

Hi everyone. I’m bored. I’m in the middle of a 2-hour statistics lab with maybe 45 minutes’ worth of actual substance. As a result, I am on here ranting to try and pass the time!

First up, fuck modern PC parts manufacturers. I spent the weekend at my parents’ farm; before I left I shut down my PC just in case of a lightning strike to Newcastle’s less-than-stellar grid (and also because I didn’t want to waste electricity, even if I’m not paying it – my landlord is a chill dude and I wouldn’t want to lumber him with a huge bill). It decided this was the best time to install something on the order of 15 separate and gigantic updates. By the time I really had to go, it was still installing the first, so I just left it to do that and then shut itself down. As a result, it was still plugged in with the power point on all weekend.
I’m not sure what happened, but upon returning home, I found the circuit breaker tripped and, once that was fixed, my PC not responding to the power button. No lights, no beeps, no subtle whirring as the hard drive booted. Great. I bought the PSU (a fairly reputable one) about a year ago, and it’s packed up right outside the warranty window. This seems to be a recurring theme; the PSU I had before it lasted scarcely six months, and the one before that about a year. I remember my original PSU had been in about three different PC builds over ten years before it finally failed. Obviously things aren’t built to last these days. With luck, nothing else was damaged and I’ll be able to pick up a replacement immediately after this exercise in boredom is complete.

Secondly, fuck statistics. Still 90 minutes to go… ugh.