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Catching up once again…

Posted in 3d models/textures, LT_Commander's Stuff, Nirrti's Stuff, Rants with tags on February 1, 2012 by Nirrti

Well, the latest post was by Ross some time ago so I figured I’d make a new one.

Anyway, haven’t really modeled all that much lately, the last thing I’ve done being the “Nullifier”, a high-explosive shaped-charge designed to be used against fortifications and possibly enemy armor and other materiel.

The textures were obviously made by our very own LT_C, so credits where credits due.

Other stuff relating to gaming, a friend bought me Battlefield 3, and I’ve been playing it a bit recently for the past few days. I still don’t like origin, nor battlelog, and I still don’t get why they didn’t embed/integrate battlelog into the game itself, like on earlier battlefields. Apart from those two…¬†inconveniences, it’s a solid game, although the shotgun slugs seem to be somewhat useless now most of the time. Useless as in a .44 magnum is more damaging than a slug from 40m away. Anyway, if you want, you can check out my BF3 stuff at¬†

Apart from those, haven’t really been up to much, but have a picture of how Finland pretty much looks like this time of year.


Oh, and about Skyrim? It’s pretty much as I predicted in the earlier post, game kind of falls short due to engine choice. Not a bad game though, like I also said.