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Sniper rifles and coffee mugs

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Latest works in progress from the Nirrti/Lt_C shop is a redo of the Overwatch Sniper Rifle. It’s being developed for Obsidian Conflict as part of the continuing effort to eradicate unusable beta content.

OSR work in progress

OSR work in progress

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Iron Sky Review-ish

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So, I saw Iron Sky today with some friends. To be honest, from the theaterical trailer I had kind of negative expectations from the movie, with the trailer showing it to be light/kind of campy comedy. The movie didn’t disappoint though, quite the opposite.

The movie itself is far from being just light comedy, mixing somewhat serious tones with sci-fi action and darker tones of comedy, although with a pinch of light comedy blended in. I really liked the movie.

I just don’t really have that much to say about it, apart from recommending everyone to go and see it and throw whatever expectations you have away and just watch it as what it is; A Comedy/Action/Sci-fi movie with good writing, excellent acting and, although having a kind of cliché idea as the base, working it all out really well. The soundtrack of the movie is top-notch, too.

I kind of almost hope the movie was a bit longer, since there is one thing that rather vexed me in it. The whole invasion part they make out to be a big thing/part/deal both in trailer(s) and in the movie, ends up taking rather small part, with the battles being very brief encounters and then the movie veers away from it alltogether. You never really see it having any big effect on anything, nor do you see ground troops battling over cities, which is kind of what I wanted to see.

Anyway, all in all, good movie, I recommend seeing it. If you’re unsure on whether or not the movie will be released in Theaters in wherever you live, you can check here for more detailed information.

Catching up once again…

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Well, the latest post was by Ross some time ago so I figured I’d make a new one.

Anyway, haven’t really modeled all that much lately, the last thing I’ve done being the “Nullifier”, a high-explosive shaped-charge designed to be used against fortifications and possibly enemy armor and other materiel.

The textures were obviously made by our very own LT_C, so credits where credits due.

Other stuff relating to gaming, a friend bought me Battlefield 3, and I’ve been playing it a bit recently for the past few days. I still don’t like origin, nor battlelog, and I still don’t get why they didn’t embed/integrate battlelog into the game itself, like on earlier battlefields. Apart from those two… inconveniences, it’s a solid game, although the shotgun slugs seem to be somewhat useless now most of the time. Useless as in a .44 magnum is more damaging than a slug from 40m away. Anyway, if you want, you can check out my BF3 stuff at

Apart from those, haven’t really been up to much, but have a picture of how Finland pretty much looks like this time of year.


Oh, and about Skyrim? It’s pretty much as I predicted in the earlier post, game kind of falls short due to engine choice. Not a bad game though, like I also said.

About Skyrim and Creation Engine…

Posted in Nirrti's Stuff, Rants on November 9, 2011 by Nirrti

So, been checking out skyrim recently, since it piqued my interest some time ago when Bethesda boasted that it has “an all new engine made just for Skyrim”. Funnily enough, the more I saw about the game, the more I was sure that it infact was not a new engine at all. And funnily enough, Bethesda has now admitted that it is so.

The Bear depicts the new engine and the hunter is... I don't know, here's a picture of Skyrim.

So, this “Creation” engine, it’s pretty much a renamed Gamebryo. That’s mostly what it is; Gamebryo with minor new features and a new name so that the old reputation wouldn’t carry over to Skyrim. I’d understand that when they said “an all new engine”, if the difference between Creation and Gamebryo was what the difference between Goldsrc (Half-Life 1) and Source (Half-Life 2) was back in the day. But no, it still has most of the same issues. Quite stiff animations, issues with NPC pathfinding, glitchy physics, old and obsolete shaders, and the list just goes on.

The Assassin's in Skyrim also know of the ancient techniques of Arm-through-chest-ism.

All in all, I’m not saying Skyrim’ll be a bad game, it more than probably will be a good or at least an enjoyable game and I’ll more than probably get it at some point, but I’m saying that Bethesda made a bad call with the engine. Because once again, the engine drags the game down from what it could be, to what it will be. It pulls the game down substantially because of it’s limitations and features it lacks.

FAMAS F1 WIP and other stuff.

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Haven’t posted here awhile, so here’s some catching up.

First of all, been modeling a FAMAS F1 for my portfolio this week. Here’s the current WIP of it, as you can see, not much left now.

I’ve also got to play WH40k: Space Marine demo early since everyone who pre-purchased it on steam got early access to it. Here’s both missions on youtube. For some reason in the first one there’s a black/unrendered spot at 9:39-9:43, and I just didn’t want to rerender the whole video since that would’ve taken too long.

I’m also very eagerly waiting for Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad DDE beta, which should start any day now. Gotta thank a friend of mine (Jekko) for generously getting me both of those games though. And for BF3, well, I was very happy and interested and joyful about it at first, but after participating in the alpha and the recent news about it, can’t say I’m so happy about it anymore.

The BF3 alpha had some infuriating features that felt unnecessary and out of place for a Battlefield game, although it indeed was pretty fun and intense in some places. And while I don’t really play TF2 anymore, I recently took part in a contest at gamebanana, and got in shared third place with this entry.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all from me, been doing this and that and being bored and lazy as always.

G11K2 Finished render & Steyr HS .50

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And here’s the finished G11K2 in a pretty render.

Also a Steyr HS .50 I modeled. Also has baked AO maps.

Taken in HLMV


Posted in 3d models/textures, Nirrti's Stuff on May 14, 2011 by Nirrti

So I finally arsed and finished UVW unwrapping the G11K2 I modeled some time ago.

Here’s a picture of it in HLMV