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Kampfpistole Z

Posted in 3d models/textures, LT_Commander's Stuff, Nirrti's Stuff with tags , on April 30, 2011 by Nirrti

Figured I’d post this here since I wanted to make a proper render with the “not worn/old” skin LT_Commander did for the KpZ.


Recent happenings…

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So, haven’t made a post for a while, figured could post what’s been going on lately.

Obviously, Portal 2 was released, played through it a couple of times, enjoyed the story, music and gameplay the game presents. Could’ve had more advanced/challenging puzzles though.

Shown here are the Co-Op characters, P-Body and Atlas, plus GlaDOS.

The Co-Op is pretty fun, although sadly, Portal 2 basing on the fun and enjoyment that comes in solving the puzzles, wears of rather quickly due to you remembering the puzzles. The game itself does feel like a true sequel though, atleast mostly. There are some things amiss, like less surfaces you can place portals on, and, like I earlier mentioned, the puzzles felt less challenging. There are a lot of good things in the game though. the music/sound design is a good example, employing valve’s earlier used “modular” music style, also found in Left 4 Dead and it’s sequel.

I do like the style of the old Aperture Science

There's just something really awesome about the retro style.

The overall feel of the music feels exactly right for the areas, and giving off strong vibes in the right spots. There’s also a lot of new gameplay elements, the gels probably being the funniest. All in all, it’s a very good game, more than probably my most favorite game from valve so far. The ending is satisfying and the Co-Op brings something refreshing and humorous into the game.

I’ve also worked on the CAWS, albeit pretty slowly. I’m not that good with making textures, so this is pretty much the best I can do

CAWS textures (not the best looking textures)

Also been working on small stuff for Galactopticon, fixing stuff and so on. Here’s the current thread on Facepunch about the mod; Click here

Other than that, pretty normal. Weather’s finally warming here in the North, so expect possible pictures of Finland or something, I dunno.

Heckler & Koch Close Assault Weapon System

Posted in Nirrti's Stuff with tags , on March 21, 2011 by Nirrti

Been working on a CAWS for a while now. I think it’s in a state that can be shown as a WIP.

Close Assault Weapon System WIP

It shares the same kind of retrofuturistic style as G11, which is part of the reason why I like it. There’s also more to it though. The weapon itself is unique, firing high pressure belted brass cartridges, with active range up to 150 meters with buckshot, and up to 500 meters with SCMITR. the SCMITR was developed to be used with the weapon, and they were somewhat similar to flechettes.

New Blog…

Posted in Nirrti's Stuff with tags , on February 27, 2011 by Nirrti

So, me and Rossmum decided to make a Blog that would have all kinds of things, ranging from random rants, to game reviews, 3d models and all kinds of stuff related.

I’m starting off with a weapon model I’ve been working on for a day (or something), The Sucker Puncher:

This thing will surprise anyone wielding it

It’s a ridiculous weapon, and that’s exactly why I like it. Fires off small rockets, is as accurate as an inebriated machine gunner at night, and sure as hell packs enough punch to take down an elephant, assuming you can hit anything with it.

It’s still heavily Work in Progress, but I’ll post progress and so on whenever I work on it.


LT_Commander will also post stuff here from time to time.